Approximately 0130 hours York Village Fire and York Ambulance were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident on Southside Road. near “Blaisdell Brothers” This is a sharp turn in the road which catches many drivers by surprise. York Village Fire has been to many serious accidents here over the years.
Crews arrived to find a vehicle standing on end up against a tree. The occupants had self extricated but the car was in a precarious position and the occupants were lying on the ground in close proximity so the decision was made to “strut” the car in order to stabilize it while crews were tending to the patients nearby. York Ambulance transported 3 patients to York Hospital from the scene.



2 Alarms in York Beach–Libby Lane

Posted April 4, 2015 By Paul Balentine

Shortly before 10am York Beach and York Village Fire Department’s were dispatched to a report of a structure fire at 5 Libby Lane in the Beach District. First arriving Car 3 (Asst. Chief Welch) reported heavy smoke showing from a residential structure. Shortly thereafter he requested the second alarm. York Village Fire responded with Engine 4, Squad 2, and Truck 8 with 27 personnel. Engine 4 laid a supply line approximately 1250′ to a hydrant on Route 1 and fed Squad 2 who then fed Engine 1 who was fire attack. Truck 8 positioned and got their stick to the roof, while the crew from the Truck got ground ladders up. Primary Searches were made while the initial fire attack took place and crews opened up windows as well as a vent hole cut in the roof right over the fire. Village companies were tied up approximately 2 hours. There was one civilian transported from the fire scene with smoke inhalation. There were no firefighter injuries. The cause is under investigation by the department and the Maine State Fire Marshall’s Office.

Thank You to Jennifer Hilton for the use of her photographs!!!



Companies respond to motor vehicle accident

Posted March 10, 2015 By Paul Balentine

Around 0800 this morning York Village Fire was dispatched to Old Post Road for a motor vehicle accident. Upon arrival crews found a garbage truck off the road with a telephone pole snapped off and live wires hanging over the truck. The truck driver wisely stayed in the safety of his cab and completely avoided injury. CMP arrived and secured power allowing the driver to safely exit the vehicle. The road was closed for several hours while CMP and National Wrecker Service worked to remove the vehicle. CMP worked for several more hours to restore power to the area.


Bill Noonan is coming to York Village Fire!!

Posted March 9, 2015 By Paul Balentine

Renowned fire photographer Bill Noonan is coming to York Village Fire April 13, 2015 at 1900 for a photo presentation. All are welcome to attend!! Don’t miss this opportunity!!


York Village Fire hosts local FF I & II program

Posted March 7, 2015 By Paul Balentine

Today York Village Fire hosted a regional firefighter I & II program for the hands on practical portions of “Water Supply” and “Hose, Nozzles, Streams, and Foam” this is the final 8 hours of a 16 hour portion of the 240 hour certification program. York Village has one firefighter enrolled in the program. Students come from fire departments all over York County and Southern New Hampshire. Numerous York Village firefighters were among the cadre of instructors, In addition to Chiefs and officers from around York county.



Companies Respond to Propane Leak

Posted March 1, 2015 By Nick

On Sunday evening we were dispatched to the Long Sands Plaza for a reported outside propane leak in the rear of the building.  Upon arrival our crews were able to quickly secure the propane feed to the building at the tanks in the rear of the complex.  A leak was found near the meter that was most likely caused by a build up of snow and ice.  The building was evacuated for a short period of time while crews secured the propane.  Squad 2, Engine 4, Truck 8 and Engine 6 all responded to the scene.

Photos by Jennifer Hilton

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Rapid Intervention Training: Locating the downed firefighter

Posted January 22, 2015 By Paul Balentine

York Village Fire had its regular Thursday night training last night. Members were focusing on Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) skills. RIT is specifically rescuing downed firefighters. Crews were working in limited visibility with the RIT SCBA bag (a specially designed SCBA) and the rope assisted search bag (RAST) The rope assisted search bag has knots every 20′ feet and metal rings denoting the way out (one knot per 20′) (80 feet into the building is 4 knots with a ring on the one closest to the doorway) firefighters use these tools under extremely difficult and stressful conditions so the equipment must be learned and memorized so that its use is automatic. This is one reason why our weekly training is so important. While learning essential job skills the firefighters also have fun which makes the learning environment very pleasant.
In the scenario, a firefighter is down and his PASS alarm is going off, while simultaneously the firefighter is low on air. The RIT team proceeds in with the search rope to locate the firefighter. They then asses the firefighter and use the RIT SCBA to provide lifesaving air while the members move the downed firefighter to safety, the company officer guides them along the rope that they brought in with them to the exterior of the building.

1-22-15 RIT training (1) 1-22-15 RIT training (2) 1-22-15 RIT training (3) 1-22-15 RIT training (4) 1-22-15 RIT training (5) 1-22-15 RIT training (6) 1-22-15 RIT training (7) 1-22-15 RIT training (8) 1-22-15 RIT training (9) 1-22-15 RIT training (10)


Tank 4 Mutual Aid to Wells for a structure Fire

Posted January 8, 2015 By Paul Balentine

Shortly before midnight on Thursday night January 8,2015 York Village and York Beach Fire Departmemts were toned out to respond mutual aid to Wells with a tank truck from each department. Wells Fire Department had a vehicle fire extend into a detached garage which had become well involved with fire, they also had exposure problems. The fire was located on Horace Mills Rd. There were no fire hydrants close enough to lay hose to so all water had to be trucked in with tankers. Tank 4 and York Beach Engine 5 were joined by Wells Engine 5, South Berwick Tank 3, Berwick Tank 4, shuttling water to the fire scene.

Photo credit goes to Scoop BlitzFire for the use of his photographs, Thank You, Scoop!!

image image image


Structure Fire, 35 US Route 1

Posted January 6, 2015 By Paul Balentine

At around 1700 hours on January 6, 2015, York Village and York Beach Fire Departments were dispatched to 35 Route 1 for a report of a building fire. York dispatch advised that they were receiving calls. York Beach Car 3 (Asst. Chief Welch) was in the area and arrived first. He reported heavy fire showing from the roof and rear of the building. C-1 immediately requested a first alarm “working fire” Engine 4 and Truck 8 were on the road immediately having volunteers in the station helped the rigs get on the road rapidly. Engine 4 took the treacherous driveway and had difficulties because of the ice but was able to position. Truck 8 took a hydrant on Route 1 and laid a 5″ supply line to E4. Multiple 1 3/4″ and (1) 2 1/2″ handline were stretched to bring the fire under control. 1 civilian was transported to York Hospital by York Ambulance from the fire scene, there were no firefighter injuries despite the extreme cold and icy conditions. York Village Fire was assisted at the scene by York Beach Fire and Kittery Engine 1. Kittery Point Engine 5 covered our station. York Beach Engine 1 took in a fire alarm activation at Rite-Aid on Route 1 during the height of the fire, the cause of that alarm was attributed to a water pressure surge from the fire hydrant being opened for the firefighting effort up the road.

Here is a link to the story from WCSH Channel 6 in Portland: image



Never Forget the Worcester Six 12-3-1999

Posted December 3, 2014 By Paul Balentine

Today is a very sad day……this is the 15th anniversary of a disastrous fire which was started in an abandoned cold storage warehouse by a couple of squatters who tipped over a candle during an argument. The fire went on to claim the lives of 6 extremely brave and dedicated Worcester firefighters. These firefighters entered the burning structure to search for the squatters who were reported to be trapped. As is often the case, they had made it out safely. To the “Worcester 6″ you guys are true heroes!!! Your life was not laid down in vain. Rest In Peace…..we will never forget your sacrifice.W6 12-3-2014