Today York Village Fire celebrated it’s 99th birthday. This year marks our 99th year in business since the disastrous fire at the Marshall House on Stage Neck Point in 1916. We played host to a small number of out of town departments as our parade was a bit smaller than it usually is, no doubt, a sign of the times we are in now. Nevertheless, we soldier on holding on to our aged tradition. The crowd at the field at Moulton Park was just as good if not better than it usually is and the day was blisteringly hot. Firemen’s field day is always sunny and hot, but this year was much more so than in past years. We had one heat related injury to a civilian on the field and the patient was promptly treated by York Village firefighters and transported to York Hospital by York Ambulance. The Events were a great time and the camaraderie was clearly evident. A good time was had by all this year. Next year’s event will be a little bit different. The third Saturday in August next year will be an open house at the fire station instead of our standard firemen’s field day event. The big event for the 100th Anniversary occurs in September when we host the Maine State Federation of Fire Fighters convention (MSFFF). Mark your calendars for September 9,10,11, 2016. It is sure to be a big event and fitting for our 100th anniversary. address finder Check out our rig shots of the parade.

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2 Alarm Fire in York Village, Rick’s Restaurant

Posted August 3, 2015 By Paul Balentine

Late in the evening on August 3, York Dispatch began recieving calls for a structure fire at the Realty Building at 240 York St. This is a large brick building right in the center of York Village. Rick’s restaurant and a laundromat occupy the basement and other businesses occupy the first floor. The second and third floor are occupied as residential room and board. There is no fire alarm or sprinkler system in the buildng. C-1 arrived on scene quickly and advised that he had smoke in the area and requested the first alarm working fire. A second alarm was quickly requested and help responded from York Beach, Ogunquit, Kittery, Kittery Point, PNSY, South Berwick, among others. Responding from York Village was Squad 2, Engine 4, Engine 6, Truck 8, and the SMART truck for lighting and manpower. Approximately 35 firefighters from York Village responded. Crews made searches of the upper floors and assisted multiple people from the building. Ladder 1 from York Beach took the rear of the buildng and made multiple rescues over the aerial and ground ladders. Firefighters were there most of the night. Damage estimates are in the $4-500,000 range. The fire cause was listed as accidental. Miraculously there were no injuries or fatalities.

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Members drill with large stream appliances

Posted July 16, 2015 By Paul Balentine

Tonight members drilled on large stream appliances. As with most fire departments in the area we aren’t seeing a lot of fire duty, but when we do fight fire we typically use 1 3/4″ hose as our mainstay. The 1 3/4″ hose is a very capable hose selection, but it doesn’t work for all fires. For a larger fire the more capable, but less maneuverable 2 1/2″ hoseline is the way to go. Again, like many fire departments, we don’t stretch a lot of 2 1/2″ but it is a topic that needs revisiting once in a while. We like our members to know that there are many “tools” in our “toolbox” to manage incidents of varying size and complexity.
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Memorial Day marching members

Posted May 25, 2015 By Paul Balentine

Today we carried on the annual tradion of marching in the annual York Memorial Day parade. This is a big event for York Village Fire and we take great pride in putting our Class A uniforms on and marching up York St. Through York Village. This year York Village Fire fielded 32 marching members.image


Tonight, members were drilling at the former Fazio’s restaurant on Woodbridge Rd. It is now owned by York Hospital and York Village Fire is allowed to do non destructive training within it. Tonight we were stretching hoseline and demonstrating the limitations of the 200’preconnected 1 3/4″ hoseline carried on all the York Village Fire apparatus. This hoseline is usually the first to be pulled but isn’t always our best choice. There are a host of alternatives to the 200′ 1 3/4″ hoseline and some of these choices were highlighted and discussed. Some of them include the 300′ preconnects 1 3/4″ which comes off the rear of the engine companies. We also have a compliment of 2 1/2″ handlines, which we recommended the members stretch on a larger commercial building such as the one we were training in. All these training nights are an occasion for our members to get out and ply their trade. Firefighting is a trade not unlike being a plumber or an electrician and like in any trade there are modern methods of doing things. We as firefighters are proud to be abreast of the latest recommended practices in our business. As always your firefighters are giving their time training for $400 a year before taxes. We still receive no financial compensation for answering alarms.

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York Village, York Beach and York Ambulance were dispatched to a residence on Wavecrest Dr. for a report of a structure fire.  Lt. Gammon from York Beach Fire arrived on scene within minutes and reported an outside fire close to the residence and a commercial dumpster.  All companies continued to the scene and the fire was quickly knocked down. There was minor extension into the garage of the home under construction.

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Engine 4 and Truck 8 respond to major fire on Ogunquit Beach

Posted April 28, 2015 By Paul Balentine

At approximately 1745 hours York Village was requested to respond an Engine Company mutual aid to Ogunquit for station coverage. Engine 4 responded with 6 personnel from York Village and while enroute were upgraded to respond directly to the scene of the fire. On arrival the crew met several other members who were already on scene as well as York C-2 (Asst. chief Marshall) and C-4 (Dep. chief Apgar). Truck 8 was requested to the fire as well and responded with another 6 firefighters. The York Village firefighters assisted with a secondary water supply via a drafting operation out of the Atlantic ocean with Ogunquit Engine 1. Engine 4 then laid a line out to Route 1 to a hydrant on a larger main and supplied much of the fire scene. Meanwhile the rest of the crew was put to work on the “Charlie side” (rear of the building)of Huckleberry’s restaurant where firefighters were trying to save an attached “ell” that was under construction. Multiple ventilation holes were cut in various places in the effort to stop the progression of the fire. Several 1 3/4″ and 2 1/2″ lines were used by York Village firefighters. The SMART truck responded and served food and drinks to the firefighters from York Village, York Beach, Wells, Ogunquit, Eliot, South Berwick, and PNSY Fire Departments. They were staffed with 3 members. In all 23 York Village firefighters answered the call, some remained at the fire station to cover our own town with Kittery Engine 5. All York Village Companoes were back in town just after 0030hrs. There were no firefighter injuries from York Village Fire. The fire is being investigated by OFD and the Maine State Fire Marshal’s office.

Thank You to Shawn and AJ St. Hilaire for the use of their photographs!!
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Firefighters rescue cat stuck in tree

Posted April 26, 2015 By Paul Balentine

Firefighters were called to Route 91 for a cat stuck in a tree. Squad 2 and Truck 8 responded and put up a 24′ ground ladder to access the cat. As soon as she saw the approaching firefighters she went higher up the tree. Firefighters were eventually successful at removing the cat from the tree to a grateful owner.
Thank You to AJ St. Hilaire for the use of his photographs!!!



Approximately 0130 hours York Village Fire and York Ambulance were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident on Southside Road. near “Blaisdell Brothers” This is a sharp turn in the road which catches many drivers by surprise. York Village Fire has been to many serious accidents here over the years.
Crews arrived to find a vehicle standing on end up against a tree. The occupants had self extricated but the car was in a precarious position and the occupants were lying on the ground in close proximity so the decision was made to “strut” the car in order to stabilize it while crews were tending to the patients nearby. York Ambulance transported 3 patients to York Hospital from the scene.



2 Alarms in York Beach–Libby Lane

Posted April 4, 2015 By Paul Balentine

Shortly before 10am York Beach and York Village Fire Department’s were dispatched to a report of a structure fire at 5 Libby Lane in the Beach District. First arriving Car 3 (Asst. Chief Welch) reported heavy smoke showing from a residential structure. Shortly thereafter he requested the second alarm. York Village Fire responded with Engine 4, Squad 2, and Truck 8 with 27 personnel. Engine 4 laid a supply line approximately 1250′ to a hydrant on Route 1 and fed Squad 2 who then fed Engine 1 who was fire attack. Truck 8 positioned and got their stick to the roof, while the crew from the Truck got ground ladders up. Primary Searches were made while the initial fire attack took place and crews opened up windows as well as a vent hole cut in the roof right over the fire. Village companies were tied up approximately 2 hours. There was one civilian transported from the fire scene with smoke inhalation. There were no firefighter injuries. The cause is under investigation by the department and the Maine State Fire Marshall’s Office.

Thank You to Jennifer Hilton for the use of her photographs!!!