Please forgive us. We’re way late with this one……
Congratulations to Asst. Chief Gardner Marshall!!!
It is said that “all good things must come to an end” unfortunately, this is one of those things. Gardner originally became a York Village Firefighter in 1980, since that time he’s served the department in various capacities including firefighter, lieutenant, Rescue Boat Captain, fire captain, then Asst. Chief of Department, The latest promotion since January 2008. Gardner was a great boss and friend to all and has a reputation for “telling it like it is” a trait which endeared him to the firefighters under his command. He was an absolute pleasure to work for, we wish him the best in his much deserved retirement. Gardner is a second generation firefighter with York Village Fire, his father Gardner “old-man” Marshall was a member as well. In his retirement Gardner intends to spend time with his new wife Jackie, and their granddaughter.
We are sad to see him go, he was a dedicated member of the Department. Though we part as good friends with many fond memories, we realize he will leave a hole in our organization which will be difficult to fill with somebody like Gardner.

Good Luck, old friend!! Remember that the door is always open here!!


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