Shortly after 1800 hours tonight, York Village Fire was dispatched to 5 Greenacre Dr. For a report of a chimney fire. Caller reported sparks from the top of the chimney. Upon arrival at the scene C-1 took command and Squad 2 positioned out of the way to allow Truck 8 to have the front of the building. Sq-2 crew made their way inside with the chimney bucket & associated equipment. The fire place was cleaned out and inspected and the upper floors were scanned to ensure no fire extension into the walls. T8 made the roof and inspected the flue from the top down while conferring with the interior crew it was determined that there was no fire in the flue, no extension to the walls and the chimney appeared to be fairly clean. Companies picked up and returned within 45 minutes. York Village Fire responded with 12 personnel.

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