Firefighters from York Village trained on forcible entry using the Friction Force Door loaned my the Maine Fire Service Institute. With the forcible entry prop comes other props that allow firefighters to be proficient with using other forcible entry tools allowing us to be more efficient at our job when seconds count. Here in the Read More →


Tonight for Thursday night training Companies drilled on rural water supply tactics. Crews used tank trucks and porta-tanks set up. Mutual aid tankers from York Beach and Kittery Point assisted our own tanker with keeping the porta tanks full while Engine 4 drafted and attempted to maintain a 750 gallon per minute fire flow. At Read More →


This morning we took advantage of some nice weather before the big storm to do some pump training.  We took Squad 2 and Truck 8 down to Hannaford and plugged into one of the nearby hydrants.  Captain Balentine and Lieutenant Hilton showed newly hired Firefighter Jon Gay and Firefighter Josh Allen the basics of Squad Read More →


This morning we started a new driver on Truck 8.  We have a very organized driver training program, giving the new drivers a series of skills they are required to learn on each truck, starting with our oldest piece of equipment, Engine 6, and working their way up through all the apparatus and finishing on Read More →

Tonight members drilled at the York Middle School with complicated hose stretches. The YFD like most fire departments relies heavily on pre-connected hoselines of pre-determined lengths in 200′ and 300′ But what happens when the “everyday” hose load doesn’t suit the requirements at hand??? This drill was designed to make the members think and add Read More →


Today was the practical or “hands-on” portion of the Hazardous Materials Operations and Decon class that has been going on at York Village Fire. This class was taught by instructors from Maine Fire Service Institute (MFSI) Many of our members are already certified to this level and thus they participated in the class as a Read More →


Tonight York Village Fire conducted drills on reverse lays. A reverse lay is when the apparatus stops at the fire then lays hose out to the hydrant with the Engine Co. ends up staying at the hydrant to pump back to the fire. Tonight Engine 6 reverse laid 400′ of 4″ supply hose to the Read More →