The stats have been compiled for winter storm Stella. It has taken a few days to get everything compiled as the volume of calls that came in in a short time coupled with the dispatch server going down resulted in handwritten notes being necessary to keep track of all the calls for service. Our final tally was 45 runs between Tuesday March 14 at 0800 and Thursday March 16 at 2359. 2 1/2 days, 45 runs. These calls ran the gamut between trees/wires down, medical aid calls, motor vehicle accidents, a chimney fire, and a call for a structure fire. York Beach Fire was extremely busy on their side of town as well, with at least that number of calls for service. Our usual monthly call tally is usually in the 100-120 runs per month, so this is a pretty exceptional number of runs in a short time. As usual our volunteers and our one on-duty paid firefighter stepped up to the plate and responded to these calls to assist their fellow York residents. Many volunteers leaving their work and homes to answer the numerous calls for help that were sometimes coming in two or three at a time. It truly was a “juggling act” to get to them all, but our personnel got to all of them!!!

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