The town of York and surrounding areas were hit by a wind and rain event. The wind and rain picked up Sunday night into Monday morning. At approximately 0430 the calls began coming in for York Village Fire, York Beach began running as well, the calls started off as trees down into wires, broken telephone poles, some minor flooding among other calls for service. A tone for manpower was sent out by York Village Fire, and the members responded to the station. By dawn the rain had subsided and the sun came out briefly. Breakfast was made by YVFD personnel not engaged in emergency response activities. A structure fire was toned out at approximately 1030 hrs for 65 Darcy Rd. Squad 2, and C-2 arrived on scene and found a generator being run in close proximity to the house had caught the side of the building on fire and had extended to the basement. Crews stretched (2) 1 3/4” handlines from Squad 2. One was stretched to the basement and the other to the “Delta” side of the house. Crews made a quick stop on this fire and were backed up by York Beach on the scene and Kittery providing station coverage, Engine 4 & Truck 8 also responded with 19 personnel. Crews ate lunch in the Firehouse and in the late afternoon another call for a structure fire toned out, Squad 2, Engine 4, and Truck 8 also responded to this fire, which ended up being a minor electrical fire. Companies were running again at dusk with a propane gas alarm/fire alarm at 6 Norwood Farms Rd. Crews found a propane odor and CO problem caused by a propane generator and an alarm problem occurring simultaneously, assistance was summoned from York Beach, Engine 3 responded with manpower to assist.
Here are preliminary stats for the calls we responded to, this is for the York Village Fire District. York Beach handled similar incidents on their side of town:

Trees down/wires arcing: 21
Medical calls: 4
Structure Fire: 2
Fire alarm activation: 1
Assist other agency/flooding: 1

Total runs: 29

We will have an official tally complete in a few days, and we will update this story. A
Big Thank You to all of our members (paid and volunteer) for their hard work and dedication. 32 members of the York Village Fire Department answered calls during the height of the storm. Many members left their families home in the dark without power to answer alarms. Great Job everybody!!!


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