Tonight was a fairly warm night for mid January so we decided to get the trucks out and train on various topics outside while the weather cooperates. Truck 8 laddered the building with its aerial and crews ascended to the roof to discuss roof operations and Construction features of flat roofs. Meanwhile, Squad 2 and Read More →


You may have seen a bit of activity tonight on York St. York Dispatch received numerous calls reporting a fire in the York St. Organug Rd. And Raydon Rd. area. No need to worry it was just us!! Tonight’s Thursday night weekly training was a live fire evolution. New and experienced firefighters got valuable hands Read More →


After a couple weeks of training at the building located at 39 Ferncroft, today was the final event. York Village Firefighters burned down the structure after using it all day for training fires. York Village played host to: York Beach, Kittery, South Berwick, and Wells firefighters. Approximately a dozen fires were lit in the building Read More →


Tonight’s training focused on vertical ventilation, that is cutting holes in roofs to let smoke and fire gasses out of a burning building. The training focused on several key components to getting this task accomplished; including, aerial ladder work, ground ladders, roof ladders, ventilation saws, and cutting with axes. Lieutenants and Captains drilled with crews Read More →


Today York Village Fire Department conducted the final training evolution at 10 McIntire Rd. Members have been using this residence for several months to conduct various training evolutions. Hoseline advancement, search & rescue, overhaul, forcible entry, and Rapid Intervention Team ops. All skills that require an actual structure to teach with and learn on. The Read More →


Tonight members drilled on search and rescue. That is searching a fire building for victims inside. Different techniques were employed to look for victims that may be trapped in the building. We tried searching with and without being assisted by a hoseline, it is preferable to search with a hoseline since it allows the firefighter’s Read More →